My Cover Matters – Your Voice

On the first of March 2013 My Cover Matters embarked upon a journey to do two things:

  • Inform GMHBA members and those with private health insurance about proposed changes to their Private Health Insurance
  • To give people with private health insurance a voice on why their cover matters

In a clear demonstration of our community’s interest in engaging on healthcare issues, in the first six weeks of the My Cover Matters campaign, over 42,000 people signed the petition in support of strong and affordable Private Health Insurance.

Even though the Federal Parliament has now passed the changes to the private health insurance rebate we were fighting against, My Cover Matters is going to continue to give you a voice on important health issues.

Where to from here?

So moving onto the next chapter of our journey, My Cover Matters will become your voice at the highest level to ensure Australia’s health care system remains strong and sustainable.

My Cover Matters understands that you have an important story to tell, and we are proud that through this campaign we have been able to, and will continue to, give you a voice.

Stay tuned for details on an upcoming survey where we will be seeking your feedback on the health issues that are important to you.

To continue to demonstrate your opposition to these changes, express your disappointment to MPs and to stay informed of Private Healthcare Australia’s lobbying efforts, please visit